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Services We Offer:


Courses and Groups for health wellbeing and personal development:

Courses are available as both: 
- 4 weeks courses OR
- 1 day courses

*Tailor made courses available, please contact for information


        Courses & Groups:


Call now for more information or to book an event:

0775 882 4649 or 01274 413568

Weekly Groups (ongoing)

Our weekly groups are for people who want to continue to develop their abilities and skills.

Current groups are:

- Meditation Group

- Psychic Development Group

Trancefixt Remote Perception

an advanced remote viewing technique.

Remote Perception allows the user to perceive phenomena, people or events considered beyond the range of normal senses, both in the past, present and future.

Remote Perception is a skill that anybody can learn and utilise.

Psychic Development

with meditation & visualisation.

Develop your psychic abilities!

Course itinery:

Session 1: Mind Expanding

Session 2: Psychometry

Session 3: Psychokinesis

Session 4: Extrasensory Perception

Confidence & Goal Setting

Learn powerful trance techniques to increase your confidence and achieve everything you desire.  Learn how to manifest your goals and make them a reality.


Course itinery:

Session 1: Goal Setting

Session 2: Confidence

Session 3: Positive Mindset

Session 4: Interviews & Public Speaking

Accelerated Learning & Achievement

Use memory technques to remember, retain and recall information (the new 3 R's).  Use goal visulaisation to create a clear path to achieve your career goals.


Course itinery:

Create new study habits

Learn to read faster and focus

Remember lists of course information

Learn to easily retrieve learned information

Exam Confidence & Success

Prepare for tests and exams.
Easily remember coursework.
Reduce exam anxiety and increase confidence.


Course itinery:

Session 1: Remembering Information

Session 2: Confidence Building

Session 3: Exam Anxiety Reduction

Session 4: Exam Preparation

Introduction to Meditation

Learn how to meditate to enable you to achieve a deep relaxed state, to heal your mind and body and to provide you insight in to your life.


Course itinery:

Session 1: Deep Relaxation

Session 2: Visualisation

Session 3: Healing

Session 4: Insight

Health & Healing with Meditation

Learn powerful meditation techniques to help you live a more healthy life and develop techniques to allow you to heal your mind and body.


Course itinery:

Session 1: Relaxation

Session 2: Stress Relief

Session 3: Healing Visualisation

Session 4: Healing with Energies & Colours

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