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Yorkshire Mind Body Soul Autumn Fayre 2023

Sunday 29th October 2023, 11am - 3pm

Lightcliffe Academy Sports Centre
Stoney Lane, Lightcliffe, Halifax, HX3 8TL


Room 1

12 noon
Magical Herbalism
The Wiccan Lady

What does what in the world of magical herbs, plants, roots and berries.  Look at remedies old and new including how to harvest and keep your plants safely and what to avoid.


Introduction to Face Yoga
Ruby Sagu

Join this workshop for a taster of face yoga by certified face yoga teacher Ruby from Devaiya. In this session you will learn what face yoga is, the benefits and basic techniques using massage, acupressure and relaxation exercises to practice at home.


Discover Laughter Yoga!
Gentle Touch Therapy Training College

Laughter Yoga is a unique concept in which we use Laughter as an exercise to lift your mood, lower your stress levels and boost your immune system.
Intrigued? Come and try it for yourself!!


Room 2

12 noon
Astrology For Career Development and Business Success

Rachel Maria Bell

The key indicators in Astrology to work with when you want to know information to support your career development and business success.

How a pathway for earths restoration could come to bring humanity into peace
Sue Carr, Claudia Aguilera Camacho, Patricia Berry & Audrey Dobson

The objective of this talk is to bring people into awareness of how peace could come through the Universal Love Alignments if enough people would connect into Global Universal Love Activation.


Light Language Emergence
James Potts Soul Restoration

Delve into the potential of the language of light during this immersive workshop and talk where we'll discuss its various applications. And Join us for a group-guided soul journey, utilizing the language of light, for an activation and to experience a transformative experience


Room 3

12 noon
Energy Medicine – Practical take home exercises to protect your energy’s, with particular focus on grounding and the Aura.
Jodi Law

The Radiant Circuits are all about joy. Come and learn how to activate them and so much more...


Introducing the Tools and Therapies of Access Consciousness

Maureen Wycherley - Joyous Living

We are all energy. We are all at the effect of other people’s energy. What would it be like to have energetic tools to use to create a greater life for yourself, while not being at the affect of people’s energies?


More talks to be announced soon... 
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