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Yorkshire Mind Body Soul
Summer Fayre 2024

Sunday 28th July 2024, 11am - 3pm


Lightcliffe Academy Sports Centre
Stoney Lane, Lightcliffe, Halifax, HX3 8TL


Room 1: 12 noon
What is Witchcraft in the 21st Century?    The Wiccan Lady    
What is witchcraft? Who are witches? Can a Christian also be a witch? Do I need a broomstick and if I do, what do I do with it? All your questions answered.

Room 1: 1pm
Homeopathy and how it can be used to help family
Helen White
How to choose a well matching remedy and how to give the remedy. How I use homeopathy for Homeopathic detox.

Room 2: 1pm
Tapping into Self-compassion
Tasha Hargreaves (From The inside wellbeing)
Learn to use EFT to tap into being kinder to yourself and show yourself some self-compassion. Learn the tapping points and how you can use them in your day to day life to be more compassionate to you!
Room 4: 12 noon
Manifest with Crystals
Rebecca - Crystal Studio Uk    Can crystals help you call in your dreams and desires?  If so then how? Come and learn some different ways to work with Crystals to manifest your wildest dreams.


*Talks/Workshops subject to change

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