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Please also take a look at the below Terms & Conditions.


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Mind Body Soul Fayre


By becoming an exhibitor at our Mind Body Soul Fayre you are agreeing to these terms:

1.  As an exhibitor I agree to provide a copy of my Public Liability Insurance Certificate via e-mail prior to stall booking.

1.1   If a Certificate is scheduled to expire before the event still send to us so we are aware when it expires.

1.2   As an exhibitor it is your responsibility to send a new Certificate when it has been renewed.

1.3   If no Certificate is received 2 weeks prior to an event we reserve the right to cancel your booking and replace you (in this event you will be advised via e-mail).

2.   As an exhibitor I agree to bring a table (no longer than 6ft), a tablecloth, a banner and/or promotional material so customers can see who you are.

​3.   As an exhibitor I agree that there is no 'conflict of interest', for example in regard to running similar wellbeing events.  I understand that if there is a conflict of interest or a subsequent conflict of interest comes to light then I will no longer be eligible to exhibit.

4.   As an exhibitor I agree not to move spaces unless this has been agreed with the event management.

​5.   As an exhibitor I agree to be respectful to the event management team, customers and other

stallholders at all times, including not encroaching on other stallholders allocated space.

​6.   As an exhibitor I agree not to bring extra tables that have not been paid to sell on.

​7.   As an exhibitor I agree to stay until the Fayre closes, unless in the event of an emergency.

​8.   As an exhibitor I agree that if I am unable to attend an event I will e-mail to advise I cannot attend ASAP.  Failure to let us before the event could mean you are banned from future events.

​9.  As an exhibitor I agree to read the Health and Safety Risk Assessment (provided after booking) and adhere to the guidance around health & safety. 

Failure to adhere to these terms could result in your being asked to leave an event and/or being banned from future events.

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