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Informative, exciting and motivational presentations and workshops for schools and organisations:


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the power of the mind hypnosis Bradford
The Power of the Mind & How to Ultilise it

A powerful presentation, discribing how your mind works and what can be achieved by using the power of your mind.  Learn how to achieve your full potential and be the best you can be.  A informative and motivational presentation giving students tools to utilise the full power of the mind.

  • How your mind works

  • What your mind can achieve

  • How to tap in to your minds potential

achievement goals victory hypnosis Bradford
Ultimate Achievement

A interactive workshop, where students can learn the power of and process of goal setting and to uncover what your subconcous (real) goals are. Utilise techniques to overcome challenges.  A motivational workshop which will offer students powerful techniques and tools to achieve their desires and personal goals.

  • Goal setting, why and how

  • Dealing with challenges

  • Goal achievement and victory

sports enhancement mind coaching hypnosis Bradford
Sports Enhancement with Mind Coaching

An interactive workshop for sports teams and students who desire to be the best at their chosen sport.  Learn how to utilise the power of your mind to transform your performance.  Use powerful visualisation techiques to develop supreme confidence, technique, focus, reactions and discover how to build muscle and endurance with your mind.

  • Mind over matter

  • The many aspects of sports enhancement

  • How to be the best

past life regression hypnosis Bradford
Reincarnation & Past Life Regression

An informative and thought provocing lecture. A compliment to any students religious studies sylabus, examples of reincarnation will be presented from the perspective of past life regression.  Learn about karma and how lifes lessons shape your life and how to use this knowledge to learn your lifes lessons and to rapidly move forward.

  • How does regression hypnosis work

  • Past life experience

  • Lessons, karma and the power of past life knowledge

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