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Services We Offer:


Offering a wide range of client services:


    Help you to help yourself
  • With Confidence & Self Esteem


  • Goal Setting & Achievement

  • For Addictions (smoking etc.

  • To Lose Weight

confidence addictions weight loss hypnotherapy Bradford


Call now for a free consultation:

0775 882 4649 or 01274 413568

fears phobia trauma stress hypnotherapy Bradford
    Healing through Hypnosis
  • To alleviate Fears & Phobias
  • To train you to heal your body

  • To alleviate past Traumas

  • To alleviate Tension & Stress

self hypnosis past life regression dream interpretation intuition hypnotherapy Bradford
    For Personal Development
  • Learn Self Hypnosis
  • Past Life Investigation

  • Dream Interpretation

  • Get in touch with your Intuition

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