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Training events for health welbeing and personal development:
Events can be delivered in one day or over multiple weeks/days as required.


Current training events are detailed below:


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        Training Events:


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Accelerated Learning & Achivement

To give students additional tools to aid in learning and to enable them to achieve their full potential

Length: 5 hours (either 1 day or 4 sessions)



  • Using self hypnosis to aid learning

  • Advanced memory techniques

  • Learn to read faster

  • Goal setting and realisation

Exam Confidence & Success

To give students additional tools to succeed in exams and tests. Learn techniques to reduce exam tension and stress.

Length: 3 hours (half day)



  • Stress and tension relief

  • Exam visualisation

  • EFT tapping to reduce anxiety

  • Exam success creation

Trance Remote Perception(C) (TRP)

An advanced remote viewing technique which usilises trance states and remote viewing techniques to remotley percieve subjects, situations and events. 

Length: 6 hours (1 day)



  • How Trance Remote Perception works

  • Accessing the trance subconcious state

  • Introducing the TRP process

  • Practise some test TRP sessions


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