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Services We Offer:


Training events for health welbeing and personal development:
Events can be delivered in one day or over multiple weeks/days as required.


Current training events are detailed below:


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        Training Events:


Call now for more information or to book an event:

0775 882 4649 or 01274 413568

accelerated learning hypnosis hypnotherapy Bradford
Accelerated Learning & Achivement

To give students additional tools to aid in learning and to enable them to achieve their full potential

Length: 5 hours (either 1 day or 4 sessions)



  • Using self hypnosis to aid learning

  • Advanced memory techniques

  • Learn to read faster

  • Goal setting and realisation

exam confidence and success hypnosis hypnotherapy Bradford
Exam Confidence & Success

To give students additional tools to succeed in exams and tests. Learn techniques to reduce exam tension and stress.

Length: 3 hours (half day)



  • Stress and tension relief

  • Exam visualisation

  • EFT tapping to reduce anxiety

  • Exam success creation

remote viewing perception hypnosis Bradford
Trance Remote Perception(C) (TRP)

An advanced remote viewing technique which usilises trance states and remote viewing techniques to remotley percieve subjects, situations and events. 

Length: 6 hours (1 day)



  • How Trance Remote Perception works

  • Accessing the trance subconcious state

  • Introducing the TRP process

  • Practise some test TRP sessions

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