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Our weight loss therapy uses the latest groundbreaking hypnotherapy techniques.




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weight loss hypnosis hypnotherapy Bradford
Weight Loss

Obtain that body you've always desired without the expense or stress of dieting.

Hypnotherapy is a natural way to lose weight, under hypnosis you can learn to like the healthy foods and change your habit patterns.


healthy eating hypnosis hypnotherapy Bradford
Healthy Eating

Do you like the foods that are bad for you and dislike healthy foods?  With hypnosis you can change your habit patterns and program your mind to like and 'enjoy' healthy foods.


Don't waste time and money on diets, change your mind for good and become more healthy.


food addictions hypnosis hypnotherapy Bradford
Food Addictions

Do you have an addiction to food?  With hypnosis you can choose to eliminate the addiction or replace with a 'healthy' addiction.


With hypnosis you can get to the route of your food addiction, these are often emotionally linked.


Improve Willpower

Do you think you have no willpower when it comes to food, can you not resist snacking?


Everybody has willpower, it is just some people do not know how to access it, hypnosis can help your mind to focus and give you an iron will and strong determination.


weight gain hypno-roids hypnosis hypnotherapy Bradford
Weight Gain

Whether you want to add a few extra pounds to feel better or need to gain weight to perform better in your sport.


With Trancefixt powerful techniques you can add weight in a healthy natural way.


Client Testamonials

"I feel like I am doing well. I haven't touched a biscuit, sweet or piece of cake in the last week and haven't felt the need for any. Went to the supermarket to do the weekly shop yesterday and walked straight down those isles without even looking at them. I have been having smaller portions on a smaller plate and after breakfast I don't usually want anything to eat until around 4/5 o'clock. I may just have a piece of fruit in between. Still haven't really had a sensation of feeling hungry, but am quite happy with the way things are going, I may even have lost a couple of pounds, weight wise. Been out for lunch today, had the carvery, but didn't even look at the desert menu, so that must be a first for me !!!"
Wendy, Bradford

"Hi Jason I'm doing really well not had any thing sweet or bad food no takeaways, and eating all meals I should do with no snacking . Thank you so much X... you have totally changed my life for the better"

Kelly, Bradford

"Amazing week Jason, I'm so happy had all sorts of veg this week and a few salads. It's the first week in about 10 years that I haven't had a pizza or burger and not bothered either. Had a couple of subways but 6" with more salad/veg than filling and loving it even the mother in laws cooking. It's the best £60 I've ever spent. I'm spreading the word"

Michael, Bradford

"Hi Jason, I actually cried with happiness, it's like giving up cigarettes for me.  I don't think about sweets and I don't crave.  Broccoli tastes like it is coated in sugar. Thank you for making my life easier x"
Maggie, Leeds

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